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How to Download and Install Audacity VST Enabler

Do you know how to download and install Audacity VST Enabler? I know the newest version of Audacity does not longer support the enabler. Because the VST plugins can now be downloaded and added directly on Audacity’s library. However, if you are still using the older version, then this might be for you.

Audacity VST Enabler

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VST plugins allow the users to add effects on their multimedia projects. It is commonly used by musicians or professional music editors. It also offers many downloadable plugins to use in Audacity.

VST plugins are very easy to download and add on Audacity’s library. Older versions like Audacity 1.2/1.3 requires the audacity vst enabler to install the plugins.

What I am going to show you in this article is the steps on how to download and install Audacity VST enabler if in case you do not have the new versions. Here’s how to do it.

Download and Install Audacity VST Enabler

Step 1. Download the installation file from the Audacity’s official website.

Step 2. Inside the folder for Audacity, you can find plugins folder. Ad the .dll file you have downloaded on the plugins folder.

Step 3. Launch Audacity on your PC and go to the Edit Menu.

Step 4. Find “Select Preferences” and check the option for VST enabler and then save the changes.

Note: Installing VST enabler does not mean you have installed the VST plugins. You might also need to download the plugins you want to add in Audacity.

If you cannot find the VST enabler in the installation section in Audacity, then you might likely need to upgrade your Audacity in the latest version. It is easier to get the plugins since they can be directly installed.

In Conclusion

Adding effects in your music can be fun and easy using plugins. The Audacity VST enabler allows the VST plugins to be installed on your computer and function in Audacity.

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